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Developed and manufactured by us.


Indoor und outdoor BLE Beacon / Asset-Tag



Acoustic signal

Accelerometer for smart activation and other functions (IPS / RTLS)

Easy to attach thanks to the mounting plate

Clip available to wear on the body

Replaceable battery

Meets various industry standards

Protection classes IP 65, UL 94 V-0

Data sheet

AA beacon

BLE beacon / asset tag with extended battery life


Battery life > 5 years Can be installed easily using a central mounting screw Meets various industry standards Operation with up to 6 x AA batteries Adaptable


BLE beacon / asset tag designed for rubber wristbands (30mm)



LED signal

Accelerometer for smart activation and other functions (IPS / RTLS)

Bracelet available

Meets various industry standards

Protection class IP 67

Data sheet

SDK for mobile platforms

iOS™ & Android™


Mixed Location Acquisition (BLE, GPS, etc) Complex Signal Processing Algorithms Remote Configuration Management Authorisation and Access Control (optional) Managed Background Scanning Low Power Consumption Crowd Based Infrastructure Monitoring Data Streaming and Caching (Up-& Downlink) Robust Component based on Real-World-Experience Minimal Integration Cost


the Fog Networking Controller with integrated FlowTrack®


Multifunctional IoT hub for receiving and forwarding data via::

  • Wifi 2.4 GHz / (optional) 5 GHz
  • Ethernet
  • Bluetooth
  • (optional) UMTS / LoRa / GPS (optional)

110/230 volts, (optional) PoE
UL94 flame retardant

IOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries. Android is a trademark of Google LLC

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