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Part 2 of the White Paper on safectory Asset Tracking Theft Protection – here, you shall learn more about a typical practical application.

Use cases for safectory Asset Tracking Theft Protection


A supermarket always has to fight thefts of filled shopping carts.  The carts are thereby simply taken out through the entrance without walking past the checkout counter. The customers’ walking routes should also be evaluated using the beacon signals of the shopping carts.

For this, a sensor with alarm sirens and flash light is installed at the entrance and the entire sales area is extensively monitored with more sensors. In the market, some sensors are defined as checkpoints and other sensors are installed on the checkout counters. Battery-operated BLE beacons are installed in the handles of the shopping carts.

If a shopping cart leaves the market without first being “released” at the cash counter, the alarm and the flash light are activated. The signals of these beacons as well as the signals of the smartphones of the customers are used to record walking routes, number of visitors, dwell time and returners and much more.

From the practice

After installation of the theft protection, the stock losses declined by approx. € 30,000 as compared to the last stocktaking period.

Areas of application

  • Trade

Functional diagram of safectory Asset Tracking Theft Protection


AssetTracking_Theft_Protection_1 image

Example – Distribution of the shopping carts

AssetTracking_Theft_Protection_2 image