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This use case of safectory Container-Tracking describes the use at a large logistics company.

Use case and benefits

The logistics company has a large number of containers for transporting packages and other products. These containers constantly move between different transshipment hubs of a country or even worldwide. The procurement costs for every container are approx. € 500 with a planned useful life of 5-10 years.

The maximum service life of the container can be attained through monitoring and optimisation of the maintenance cycles – and also through avoidance of loss of containers using tracking.

With our solution, the maintenance status as well as the last location of every container can be checked with only one click. The solution also ensures the most efficient use of every container.


Operating principle

The containers for the transport of packages and other products are equipped with BLE asset tags. The signals of these asset tags can be received: either by Wireless Access Points, by safectory controllers or by the client app on a smartphone (an SDK is available). The received signals are forwarded to the safectory server and are, from there, sent to the customer’s servers for further processing. This can refer to e.g.:

  • Display of unoccupied times
  • Localisation of containers
  • Setting of an alarm if containers leave a certain area or, for instance, exceed a temperature or speed limit.


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The described application is suitable for every logistics company or every chain store with many individual locations and distribution centres.


  • Postal and parcel services
  • Logistics companies with distribution centres
  • Chain stores in retail trade with distribution centres and many branches
  • etc.