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In part 1 of this White Paper, we explain the main features of safectory Flowtrack

Explanation of terms
(Flowtrack-) Controller Base station for receiving radio signals (WLAN / Bluetooth / Bluetooth Low Energy) from mobile end devices for forwarding data to a backend / BMS. Controllers require Wifi/LAN and are operated with electricity (5.1V or 240 V)
3D stereo sensor Visual sensor for vertical continuity measurement in real time on high-frequency inputs and outputs, escalators, wheelchairs, passages or queues
MAC address The Media Access Control address is a type of “digital fingerprint” of devices, e.g. a smartphone, which can be identified in the network. Only the device manufacturer and the specific device identification are imparted
ANPR camera (Automated Number Plate Recognition): camera for the detection and evaluation of vehicle number plates for statistical data collection (origin) or access control
Frequency Point by point or room-covering observation of streams of people within buildings
Walking routes Measurement of entry and exit times in zones and logical linking of the data; physical customer journey
Dwell time Recording of the length of stay in specific zones and visual reappraisal for area analyses
Returners Anonymous and non-invasive measurement of passive signals for determining the visit frequency.
Distribution Visualisation and comparison of the visitor distribution in the individual building segments (e.g. using heat maps)
Whitelisting Beschreibt die Möglichkeit, bestimmte Geräte wie Kassendrucker, Describes the option of excluding certain devices such as checkout printer, data entry devices or mobile end devices of employees from the tracking


Operating principle of safectory Flowtrack

  • Controllers, which record radio signals (MAC addresses), are installed at entrances and neuralgic points (e.g. junctions) in the building. The number of the received, different radio devices is correlated with an optional complete count.
  • MAC addresses are anonymised. I.e. they are encrypted such that they cannot be recovered.
  • The collected data is displayed in a web frontend as graphics / diagrams or as tables.


  • Controllers for area coverage, conservatively with 50m radii
  • Web access to BMS for displaying the dashboards / reports. Or existing backend of the customer for receiving and presenting data streams

Potential extensions (optionally if required)

  • 3D stereo sensor for the monitoring of building accesses. Building accesses are monitored using 3D stereo sensors. And the up-to-date number of users is recorded (complete counter)
  • Close-meshed controller equipment increases the accuracy of the walking route analysis
  • Additional sensors such as ANPR inform about the origin of the customers
  • Weather data allows conclusions about the customer behaviour depending on the weather

Advantages as compared to other solutions

  • At present, approx. 50 – 60% of all persons can be recorded in this manner
  • The solution can be easily integrated into all counting systems available in the market
  • Easy whitelisting of certain devices such as employees’ devices, wireless checkout printers or mobile data entry devices
  • The reports can be easily adapted to customers’ requirements and conditions
  • Flexible subsequent addition of more controllers / cameras or more sensors possibleFlexible position selection of the controllers with a firmly integrated GSM modem for data transfer (optional)
  • Closed housing, only 1 cable for power supply
  • UL 94, flame retardant

Software functions

Can be combined with beacon health monitoring or BLE-based alarm solutions.

Data protection

The tracking of MAC addresses within the meaning of the GDPR [General Data Protection Regulation] requires either the consent of the user. Or, as in the case of Flowtrack, anonymisation of the user data collected. The consumer must be informed about the use of a visitor counting system (compare camera monitoring) with the help of a note.


The building owner knows in detail about the actions in its building. In this manner, it can generate more turnover (e.g. through price differentiation of the area rent according to frequency). It can also measure the success of marketing and advertising activities. And it can address the target groups more precisely. This increases the visitors’ satisfaction – e.g. by repeating popular actions or events.


In part 2, you shall learn more about the use cases and areas of application of safectory FlowTrack