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Safectory products and solutions gather information about proximity using short range radio technology.

The hardware products and software solutions have been developed to create a technology stack that is mature, modular, scalable, secure and still easy and cost-effective to set-up and maintain.

Decentralized fog computing and distributed storage (distributed ledger) provide high data security
and full GDPR compliance as no personal data is stored anywhere centrally.

There are a number of highly interesting fields of application for this technology.

Case studies of safectory Tracking


  • Check-In / Check-Out as you go for public transport
  • Vehicle disposition in public transport
  • Monitoring of container position and status for logistics
  • Positioning & Navigation on ferries
  • Theft-Protection for supermarkets
  • DispDisposition for hospitals
  • People counting and reports for shopping centres


Hop-on/Hop-off billing for public transport


Clients Need 

A public transport organization wants a solution to automatically bill passengers by recognizing whether the passenger is in a bus / train or not.


In busses / trains, a controller with GPS positioning as well as several beacons are installed. The client’s existing smartphone app is extended to process position information. Based on this, it is determined if the passenger is in the Bus and therefore has to buy a ticket. Furthermore the vehicles GPS location is reported to the backend.


image blog_oepnv_01



Vehicle disposition for public transport


Clients Need 

A public transportation organisation wants to assign actions to vehicles and display them to the drivers when they return to the yard.


The entrances and exits as well as the operators booths are equipped with controllers. Beacons are installed on all busses. The system reports to the operator when a bus enters the yard (Beacon signal received by controller). The operator then selects from a dropdown list an action to display to the driver on a digital signage.




Asset Tracking for logistics


Clients Need 

A logistics company wants to track their containers in the depot and in the truck as well as monitor container status like it‘s „health“ to determine when a container needs to be replaced or repaired.


All containers are equipped with a BLE asset tags. The employees use mobile devices to track the asset tags in the depot and a backend adds information about status and health of each container.




Find my car on ferries


Clients Need 

Ferry passengers often struggle to get back to their vehicles in time once the vessel has reached the harbour. This causes delays in deboarding. A shipping company wants to offer to their passengers a „Find my car“ service to ease and speed up the deboarding process.


All car decks and the public areas of the ferry are equipped with BLE beacons for positioning and controllers for beacon monitoring. The clients existing application is extended to receive positioning via BLE beacons. Once a passenger enters the car deck, this is recognized by the app which asks to save the cars location, once it is parked. The passenger then can navigate back to his car as well as to any other PoI on the vessel.






Clients Need 

A supermarket faces the situation that completely filled shopping carts are getting stolen. The shop owner want us to install theft-protection to prevent this.


Controller are installed at the entrance (A), the cash desks (C) and at a third location within the supermarket. In the handles of the shopping carts BLE beacons are installed. Once a shopping cart enters the market through the entrance (A) it has to pass the cash desk before leaving. Otherwise, an alarm will go off alerting the employees

AssetTracking_Theft_Protection_1 image



Asset Tracking for medical facilities


Clients Need 

Rapid locating of assets, automated stock taking, theft-protection, notification when assets leave a certain area, status of assets, assign task to employees at certain asset status, locating employees and patients, notifying personnel in case of emergency, monitor & analyze waiting & cycle time in hospital units, rapid locating and deployment of medical staff, Job assignment to staff nearby based on location in building


The units in a hospital are equipped with BLE beacons and controller. All assets to track as well as medical personnel and patients are equipped with BLE Chips for asset tracking. BLE trackers on beds can also carry status information (clean/needs cleaning/occupied). The gathered position and status information is forwarded to the server and to the hospital information system (KIS).

AssetTracking_fg_01 image




FlowTrack® – Monitoring visitor statistics


Clients Need 

The owner of a shopping centre wants to get GDPR compliant information about how many visitors are currently in the building, how long they stay and how often they return. Furthermore, the owner wants to monitor customer flows to optimize layouts of shops and the centre as well as target, control and supervise marketing activities.


The entrances of a shopping centre are equipped with FlowTrack Controllers and Stereo Counters. These controllers receive radio signals (BT & WiFi) from smartphones, the cameras do an anonymous over-head people counting. The setup allows to anonymously track & measure visitor counts, dwell time, return-rate and customer flow in the building.