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This article describes the benefits of the safectory asset tracking system for tradesmen or sales staff.

Customer problem

Many craftsmen or sales staff have tools or show pieces in the vehicle (or on the construction site) that are demonstrated to the customer or used.

Often something is lost or can no longer be found and the craftsman no longer knows where.


Our solution

  • One asset day per tool / showpiece
  • An app on the handyman’s mobile phone
  • The app tracks the “presence” of the assets (in the vehicle and also on the construction site when the craftsman is nearby) and adds the current GPS position.
  • If a tool / showpiece leaves the BLE transmission range of the cell phone, this is noted with the time and GPS position
  • This allows the craftsman / sales employee to understand at any time when he left what part where and find it so easily.
  • Extremely inexpensive and suitable for easy self-installation.