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This post describes application areas and technical features of safectory Asset Tracking in local public transport.

Explanation of terms
Beacon Typically battery-operated, BLE-based radio transmitter. It is used as reference for positioning, e.g. in inner rooms
Asset Tag Battery-operated, BLE-based radio transmitter/receiver of different types, which is, for example, installed on movable stock.
Trigger Tag Portable positioning tag for mobile and stationary applications.
Geo Fences Defined boundaries exceeding them a notification or automated action is triggered.
Controller Base station for receiving radio signals (Bluetooth Low Energy) from beacons for forwarding data to a backend / BMS. The controller requires Wifi/LAN and is operated with electricity (5.1V or 240 V)
Smartphone app As an alternative or in combination with the controller for mobile reception of BLE signals from beacons or asset tags for forwarding data to the backend
Asset Tracking Asset tracking describes the function of locating movable objects within or outside a building.
SaaS – Software as a Service


The software is provided through a central server system. Local installation or updates are not necessary. Only an up-to-date web browser is required for executing the software.



Specific Use cases


Positioning of passengers / tracking in the train / in the bus for:
– Hop-on / Hop-off ticket purchase (Smartphone based) for trains / buses
Friend Finder in the train / in the bus or at the station

Location based alerting of passengers and staff
– Passengers (via Smartphone – App) or Personnel (via wristband) can trigger an alarm with location which can be processed by either other staff members or a control centre

Route of personnel at work place (train / bus)
– Record and validate presence respectively availability of staff

Asset Tracking of inventory at train station
– Location tracking of transport carts or other equipment

More use cases:
– Tracking / Positioning of trains/buses, e.g. when does train/bus pass/arrive at a certain location
- Assignment of railcars to trains: Which railcar belongs to a certain train section?


Asset Tracking – technical environment


  • Live and real time monitoring of “trigger tags” position is a fundamental function
  • Actions can be triggered automatically, based on geofences respectively start/velocity/speed/stop movement
  • Movement and events can be logged
  • Logging of inventory movement including route analysis, distance, speed, events, etc.

Mode of operation

  • Trigger Tags send continual position updates within a location beacon grid
  • Controller receive position update from trigger tag
  • Position is recorded and displayed by the server


  • Wide-meshed controller network for large area coverage
  • Position accuracy affected by beacon concentration
  • No expensive hardware or wiring necessary

Asset Tracking Platform – SaaS (Software as a Service)

  • Cloud-based access (Desktop & Mobile), native Android & iOS Client available
  • Real-time tracking, position history, simple position-time series
  • Set-up and management of geo fences and geo fence to asset relation. Other geo-tracking sources on demand.
  • Definition of rule-based events (entry/exit of assets to/from defined geo fences, online/offline, movement etc.)
  • Exportable Reports about Asset Events, Asset Trips (Start, Stop, Distance, Avg Speed, Duration). Output on interactive Map or spreadsheet download
  • Further customization available on demand.

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