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This article describes the benefits of safectory asset tracking system for car dealers: keep an eye on the location of your vehicles.

Customer needs

Many car dealers are constantly looking for vehicles in the yard or in the exhibition hall.

This takes time and nerves, especially when there are customers who are asking for a particular vehicle – but maybe another employee has now parked that vehicle.

The car dealer would like to automatically track the parking position of his car and assign it to individual parking spaces.


Our solution

  • One beacon per “zone” (which includes 3-4 parking spaces) or optionally 1 beacon per parking space (exact location)
  • One asset tag (BLE tag) per vehicle. It determines and transmits the ID of the nearest location beacon to determine its position. This means that a vehicle can be assigned to a parking position and displayed on an overview map
  • The location of each vehicle can be called up at any time via a user interface (computer, tablet, smartphone) (list or map). No more searching.
  • If a vehicle also leaves the yard unauthorized, the dealer receives an alert. Service times in preparation (workshop / car wash, etc.) can also be tracked per vehicle.
  • Extremely inexpensive and suitable for easy self-installation