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This article describes a special benefit of safectory asset tracking system for medical practices.

Customer problem

Many practices have multiple treatment rooms (and possibly multiple doctors).

The practice staff is constantly looking for the doctor(s) for calls or consultations etc. and bursts into investigations (often in the wrong room). This costs the patients unnecessarily nerves, the staff unnecessary working hours and the doctors unnecessary concentration.


Our solution

  • There is a location beacon in each room
  • Every doctor carries a BLE Asset Tag in his pocket or on a bracelet
  • The practice staff can determine the location of each doctor at the reception on the computer at any time
  • Extremely cost-effective and suitable for simple self-installation – also for clinics


Technical core components:


Controller / Gateway

Controller image

  • Decentralised fog network controller
  • Multi functional IoT Hub for receiving and distributing data via: Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet, optional GSM, optional GPS
  • Zone Tracking and motion analysis
  • Customisable


Microgateway image

  • Same asset tracking functionality as standard Controller
  • Direct USB powered by any active USB device
  • Small & lightweight
  • Low profile


Chips for Bracelet

Image bracelet chip

  • Developed for use in rubber bracelets (30mm)
  • Activation via built-in switch
  • Enables more use cases for wearing on the body
  • Waterproof IP64 / IP65
  • Industry leading encryption


Beacon image

  • Accurate real-time positioning based on iBeacon or Eddystone protocol in closed environments (e.g. malls, buildings, factories).
  • Waterproof and flame retardant casing
  • Improved battery lifetime
  • Easy to install via mounting plate
  • Industry leading encryption
  • Enables more use cases

The beacon is the backbone of our next generation beacon based smart asset tracking.



AA-Beacon image

  • Multi-protocol indoor & outdoor BLE Beacon
  • Increased battery life > 5 years
  • Enables further applications
  • Simple installation by mounting via central screw
  • Industry-leading encryption
  • Compliance with industry standards
  • Operation with up to 6 AA batteries (standard 2 pieces AA)


The cockpit: Asset Tracking Platform SaaS (Software as a Service)

Image SaaS

  • Cloud-based access (Desktop & Mobile), native Android & iOS (client available)
  • Real-time tracking, position history, simple position-time series
  • Set-up and management of geo fences and geo fence to asset relation. Other geo-tracking sources on demand
  • Definition of rule-based events (entry/exit of assets to/from defined geo fences, online/offline, movement etc.).
  • Exportable Reports about Asset Events, Asset Trips (Start, Stop, Distance, Avg Speed, Duration). Output on interactive Map or spreadsheet download.
  • Further customization available on demand.