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The IoT market standard

For the industry 4.0, we develop high-performance systems for real-time measurement of persons’ and products’ movements. Our technology is designed such that it can be used in almost all imaginable environments.

Asset Tracking

Real-time stocktaking | Localisation of operating materials

Theft protection | Process optimisation

Flow Tracking

Movement flow measurement & analysis

Access control | Search of persons

What we stand for

14 years of experience

Made in Germany


100% GDPR conform

Own patents


In-house development (OEM)
Excellent price-performance ratio
>2,000 projects realised in 12 different countries
Open Source mentality for uncomplicated integration


With the Asset Tracking Self-Service, almost every usage scenario in all sectors can be covered easily and in a demand-oriented manner. Customers can order and install the hardware required for the use case on their own without additional external costs. A flexible expansion is possible at any time.

The service itself can be set up and managed easily; asset tags can be easily installed and assigned in the system, maintained and monitored; no local server has to be maintained and operated as the software is provided as a service (SaaS).

Asset Tracking

Get an overview of your mobile products – at any time.

The English term “Asset Tracking” strictly speaking describes an electronic procedure, in which sensors can be used for precise localisation of mobile stock and mobile operating materials. Depending on the measuring technology used, movable objects outside as well as within buildings, can be localised exact to the metre.. This saves valuable time and importantly, money.
Asset Tracking offers not only time saving when searching devices, but it can also be used for real-time stocktaking, for protection against thefts and for process optimisation. This also allows particularly sensitive products to be protected better if they, by means of integrated sensors, self-sufficiently detect critical environmental conditions (e.g. too high humidity) and thus send warnings to a predefined central office. Even real-time maintenance messages (e.g. low battery) can be realised in this way.

Are you planning your own IoT infrastructure?

We support you at all stages of the Project Management process:

Analysis Planning Procurement Development
Testing Integration Maintenance Monitoring





Flowtracking describes a procedure, in which movement flows are measured using sensors. The sensors passively search Bluetooth and WLAN signals emitted by mobile communication devices such as mobile telephones or tablets. Each of these devices is provided with a “digital fingerprint ” or device-related Unique Identifier by the manufacturer. Individual digital fingerprints are however not important in flow-tracking. This is rather about aggregating many fingerprints and making statements about usage behaviours in buildings.


Flowtracking can be considered as a type of Google Analytics® for the physical world. With the help of the aggregated movement information, different parameters such as visit frequency, dwell time or return rates can be determined. Various access control systems are already used today in many buildings; but these always record only an individual process at a specific point. On the other hand, Flowtracking allows understanding of the events in the entire area. At the same time, the procedure as a control system is much more uncomplicated as, for instance, no electronic keys such as chipcards must be held at special reading devices.


Since the installation of Asset-Tracking Theft Protection from safectory GmbH, stock losses through thefts have declined by approx. 70-80%. The procurement of the system has paid off for us within the shortest time. The installation was uncomplicated; the collaboration with safectory GmbH is always professional and solution-oriented; we are highly satisfied with the solution and would always use it again.


Katrin Bornemann

Managing Partner, REWE Bornemann oHG

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