• 7 Checks für eine sichere Integration

We put together a special e-paper for you: in the „7 Checks for safe integration“ you will find useful criteria for choosing the right RTLS solution. The digital location of objects and people via Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) opens up many potentials. Various approaches are available on the market and the question that arises is: How can I compare them? How do I decide on the right system?

We have compiled this checklist from a wealth of experience: for more than 19 years we have been working with well-known partners in various industries on a large number of projects. Both the observations of our partners and customers as well as our own insights have provided valuable suggestions.

This e-paper is therefore aimed at B2B partners and decision-makers in B2B projects who want to use RTLS in a larger overall context. Safectory makes events become data in professional environments and B2B-partnerships. This e-paper is for you:

  • If you need to compare and decide between RTLS-systems for adding Asset-Tracking to your project

  • If you are looking for an Asset-Tracking solution to extend possibilities and features of your solution

By considering these points, you will ensure that your asset tracking concept avoids the most important pitfalls. Only a comprehensive, pragmatic, user-friendly and scalable system will give you effective event data, and save you time and money in the long run. So take the time to do these 7 checks and make the right decision for your new approach.

7 Checks for safe Integration

free E-Paper

Understand how to compare asset tracking systems in order to achieve an easy integration into your solution

free e-paper