In this comprehensive report, we explore the realm of location positioning and tracking in distributed structures using innovative Safectory technology. Multitags, Beacons, and powerful Mioty wireless networks make airport operations more efficient and secure. Additionally, passenger and cargo safety is enhanced.

Long-Range Detection in Distributed Environments with Safectory Technology


We are pleased to announce that Safectory has reached another milestone! In an impressive demonstration in collaboration with Munich Airport and AeroGround GmbH, we have successfully shown how objects in airports and other distributed structures can be located without the need for power or data connections. This achievement was made possible by using our Safectory Multitags, Beacons, and the powerful Mioty wireless networks.

Utilizing our technology enables precise location positioning in distributed structures and will contribute to making airport operations more efficient and secure, enhancing the safety of passengers and cargo. We are proud to be experts in the field of object location positioning and tracking at Safectory and look forward to exploring new applications. A big “Thank You” goes to the Munich Airport team and AeroGround GmbH for their close collaboration in making this successful demonstration possible.