Why is it critical? Every lost or untraceable hotel asset – be it a cleaning cart, expensive technical equipment or keys – costs time and money. Discover how our solution in tracking for hospitality industry helps hotels worldwide find their assets in real time and thus optimize operations.

In the modern hotel industry, where efficiency and customer satisfaction go hand in hand, any lost or untraceable asset can lead to noticeable business interruptions. Guests expect smooth service. Delays – caused by missing or misplaced equipment – can impact the customer experience and lead to negative reviews.

In addition, it’s not just about the direct cost of lost or damaged equipment. The time spent searching for missing items, training staff to properly store and handle equipment, and potential delays in service procedures add up quickly and can significantly reduce operating profits.

safectory GmbH’s solution addresses exactly these challenges. By tracking assets in real time, hotels can not only reduce their operating costs, but also improve the service they provide to their guests. Streamlined operations mean that staff spend less time searching for equipment and more time focusing on what matters most: Guest satisfaction.

At a time when guest expectations are constantly rising and competition is just a click away, safectory GmbH provides hotels with the tools they need to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to efficiency and customer service.

Digital asset tracking with your existing Aruba infrastructure

Why invest in a completely new infrastructure when you can leverage your existing Aruba environment? With safectory devices, you can increase the efficiency of your assets in real time, all within your familiar Aruba environment.

The benefits of safectory in Aruba infrastructures:

  • No additional infrastructure required: our solution leverages your existing Aruba access points with Bluetooth, so you can start tracking assets quickly and easily.
  • Flexible and accurate tracking: start with simple grid tracking and refine accuracy as needed with additional safectory beacons.
  • Easy integration: In just three steps, you can integrate safectory into your Aruba environment and take advantage of digital events.

Learn more directly on the Aruba website and in our Safectory Track Certified Configuration Guide for Aruba Access Points.

Don’t let your assets just sit there. Make them digitally visible and optimize your operations with safectory and Aruba.

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