In a world where efficiency and accuracy are paramount, we have created a solution that takes logistics and asset management to an end of missing assets with our new safectory Multitag and Lynmouth BLE Beacon.

Gone are the days of wasting valuable time searching for equipment and assets. With our innovative tracking solutions, companies can not only significantly reduce operational costs, but also minimize potential sources of error.

This leads to faster workflows, improved customer service, and ultimately a competitive advantage in a highly competitive market. In industry, where every moment and every asset counts, it is not just a question of optimization, but of the need to stay on top of things.

📌 safectory Multitag:

  • Designed for distributed structures such as airports, smart cities, logistics areas, chemical parks and many more.
  • Scans BLE locations and forwards them via MIOTY’s sub-GHz ecosystem.
  • Fully configurable for diverse use cases – even within a single system!
  • Complements existing sensors in the Mioty ecosystem and provides increased security in critical infrastructures.

📌 Lynmouth BLE Beacon / Asset Tag:

  • Versatile asset tag for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Features accelerometer for smart activation and RTLS capabilities.
  • Meets industry standards and comes with IP 65, UL 94 V-0 protection ratings.
  • Easy installation and replaceable battery. Plus, an audible signal for added functionality!

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