Enhancing Interoperability for Distributed Structures

The Diehl Metering IZAR Gateways form an expansive network of MIOTY infrastructure, penetrating deep into the basements of various buildings.

In collaboration with the esteemed Diehl Metering team, we have not only confirmed but are delighted to announce the seamless interoperability: BLE POI positions, as detected by Safectory’s MultiTag, are now seamlessly integrated into the robust MIOTY sub-GHz ecosystem, effortlessly reaching your screen.

This newfound interoperability is particularly invaluable in the context of distributed structures, encompassing diverse environments such as airports, smart cities, logistics hubs, and chemical parks, among others.

And there’s more to this innovation: MultiTag is seamlessly incorporated into the existing sensor array of the MIOTY ecosystem, enabling a wide array of practical applications. The ability to discern both tag positions and environmental conditions within the same system provides the foundation for creating highly effective logic.

For additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@safectory.com.
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