Why scalability is the key to success!

Choosing the right RTLS (Real-Time Location System) can be a challenge for organisations. In order to be ready for change, a system should be chosen that you can start with right away and scale in different ways if needed:

  1. Because one wants to scale while implementing: Starting a small demo receiving real data that is scalable from POC to productive rollout is a risk-minimizing way of implementation.
  2. Because the company grows: New buildings or additional locations must be easy to record afterwards. For this, additional hardware is affordable and easy to install and set up.
  3. Because additional areas become necessary for the process: Outdoor areas or areas with increased hardware requirements can be equipped with suitable hardware.
  4. To optimise between detection and energy capacity: The system is configurable and scales the length of its maintenance intervals to an ideal ratio to the detection interval.
  5. Because processes change: Existing hardware can be quickly and easily adapted to an improved or new process. This includes, for example, increasing the position resolution in existing areas.

Overall, scalability is a critical factor in choosing the right RTLS system. Companies should ensure that the system is easily expandable and able to meet their growing and changing needs.

As safectory, we offer an open system with many options that can be self-managed. Interested? Contact us at: track@safectory.com