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The current Covid-19 outbreak makes ensuring personal distance of staff a vital task for companies to manage Stop your facility from shutting down, trace and document that distancing rules are being followed. Protect the health of your employees by distance warning and tracking potential infection routes.  


Our solution includes:

  • Personal encounters with too little distance and of a certain minimum duration (15-30 seconds) are documented.
  • Protection of the employees: The individuals affected but also the responsible manager can be informed.
  • Contact chain management: In case of infection, contacts can be traced and informed.

Each employee is equipped with a BLE-transmitter (bluetooth low energy) and potentially a Smartphone App that is paired with the BLE transmitter. Working areas are covered by BLE Gateways. BLE transmitters send / receive signals to / from nearby transmitters and calculate distance (based on signal strength). In case two or more workers are too close to each other for a certain minimum amount of time the workers device is vibrating and the associated App is generated an audio-visual alarm. By tracking the distance, contact chains can be determined in the event of an infection and potential victims can be warned.  

Movement data recording and transmission options

1. The encounter dates are first saved on the day itself. They are transmitted, when:

a. The encounter data are transferred to the backend after time X (time period to be defined) b. The encounter data are transferred to the backend at the push of a button c. The encounter data are transferred to the backend at the push of a button of the administrator (backend user of the customer) d. The encounter data are only transferred to the backend in the event of an infection (mechanism such as b or c) e. The encounter data is never transferred to the backend

Note: the encounter data include: time, ID (= serial number of the day) of the encounters, battery level. 2. The encounter data are immediately transferred to the backend 3. No encounter data are saved at all. The tag or the alarm then only serve to alarm and to make the user aware of the compliance with the minimum distance). A backend or a smartphone app are not required for this functionality.. In practice, the choice of the desired option depends on the needs of the company and the respective intentions and possibilities to establish its data protection standards. In principle, the hardware elements worn by the employees function autonomously without any backend – however, user assignment or contact chains cannot then be traced. .

Key facts

  • Our solution is ready to deploy and can be up and running within less than 1 week from order placement
  • Modular, scalable, cost-effective
  • GDPR-compliant / data security ensured
  • Software, hardware and firmware are owned by Safectory and can thus be configured to your needs


How it works


Solution Components and Modules

  Covid19 TrackingModules  


GDPR compliancy

  • Short range – data only within a short contact distance
  • Connection-free data exchange – BLE broadcast / Observer
  • No storage of connection parameters (Device address, etc.)
  • Allocation to the user takes place exclusively at decryption by a responsible authorithy

Covid19 GDPR compliance