Value-adding effects through digital detection

RTLS (Real-Time Location Systems) systems using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) track the location of objects or people in real time. Direct benefits include improved processes for faster response times, more efficient use of resources and better safety, patient care and better maintenance of equipment and devices.

  1. Faster response times: With an RTLS system, you can simultaneously track the location of people or objects within your facility in real time. This directly enables a faster response time to requests, saves staff costs and secures operations.

  2. Better planning: The collection of data over time makes the quality at different points of processes visible and presents the potential for future improvements.

  3. Efficient use of resources: By tracking equipment, the RTLS can track the location of resources to optimise their use: which equipment is used most often with unused potential.

  4. Improved security: By tracking people and objects in real time, the RTLS can improve security in the facility. For example, it can notify when a person or object enters or leaves zones.

  5. Effective maintenance: An RTLS can also help reduce maintenance by automatically tracking the frequency of use of devices and equipment, making their maintenance needs more predictable.

Our partners and customers are already taking advantage of this multitude of benefits in the healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, lifestock and retail sectors.

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