…thrives on usability

Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) and usability need to be understood by all stakeholders involved to achieve acceptance and ideal effectiveness. This applies equally to a wide range of industries and applications, from manufacturing to healthcare to logistics.

Pragmatic Demos: A live demonstration of an RTLS is a great way to convince potential customers of the benefits of the technology. Plan a demonstration where you can show how the system works and how it can be used in different scenarios.

Easy implementation: Data should be easy to implement in stages and not directly require extensive IT knowledge.

Targeted support: An RTLS may be a new technology for some clients. Full documentation and individual training and support that „train the trainer“ ensure that the system can be used to its full potential.

To ensure that an RTLS achieves the desired results, ease of use is fundamental.

As safectory, we offer an open system with many possibilities that can be self-managed. Interested? Contact us at: track@safectory.com