The advantages of safectory BLE RTLS in the field

As safectory we generate real-time positions of objects or people in our RTLS (Real-Time Location System) using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). This technology improves the operations of many companies – because of the technical advantages:

  1. Position Logic: Our system of fully-owned hardware and software is known for its positionally accurate localisation of objects or people within closed environments. Directly at the transition between event and digital data, a logic is created that enables companies to react faster to requests, to plan more effectively and to achieve higher efficiency.
  2. Easy integration: BLE RTLS instances are easy to integrate into existing IT structures. Most modern applications and systems support one or more of the interfaces we offer. BLE technology is well-known and certified in its features and has been in use for many years in various environments, so organisations can rely on it.
  3. Affordability: Compared to other RTLS technologies, BLE RTLS is relatively inexpensive. Organisations can quickly and easily install BLE RTLS devices themselves without the need for expensive infrastructure or cabling. If a BLE data infrastructure is in place, it may be possible to integrate with it.
  4. Flexibility: BLE RTLS devices are available in different sizes and power capacities and are also suitable for outdoor use. Therefore, they can be mounted in different locations within a facility – various mounting types are available.
  5. Scalability: BLE RTLS instances are easily scalable, allowing organisations to expand their facilities and resources with ease. This expansion can be in the form of building expansion, an increase in resolution or additional use cases.

Thus, BLE RTLS technology offers ideal characteristics, good coverage, easy integration and a cost effective, and flexible installation and scaling.

As a safectory, we offer an open system with many possibilities that can be self-managed. Interested? Contact us at: